Fly away to Hayes Valley….

Windows are fun.

That was a lot of planes to hang:)

Mobiles are also fun.

Thank goodness for YouTube.

Kelly lost her plane…but then found it.

Nicole is a Jedi of paper airplanes.

We like travel. We also like paper airplanes- they are fun, we feel 12 again and we can throw them at each other when no one is looking. Just kidding? Anyway, we at the store (on lovely Hayes St. in SF) wanted to jazz up the space and get everyone excited about our travel line…who doesn’t love a suitcase on skateboard wheels! Nicole, our lovely Assistant, and Kelly, our new Manager (aka me), folded away till we were sore with paper airplane paper cuts! Check out our cute window! We also added a mobile of paper airplanes in the middle of the store, some airline safety cards, a globe and had some overall fun with displays. Come on by, make an airplane with us…we are pros now, we can show you! The little kids love it…a little boy crushed me last weekend and made 2 planes in the time I made one. I have been schooled by an 8 year-old. Then his Mom put him in the 25″ checkpoint and wheeled him around the store. Aren’t our customers fun? Point is we like travel. We like planes. I want to fly to Paris on my paper airplane. Nicole wants to fly to Cabo. Where do you wanna go? Maybe you can fly on over to the store, check out some bags, say hi and make a plane with us.

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