recycle your trash into art. we did.

hayes valley store here:) we were thinking about earth day coming up. so, we thought about it and decided to dump one days worth of recycling out onto the floor and we made into art. we made 26 feet of trash in one day. and we spread it across our ceiling. we made a chandelier. we wrapped it half around the store. a little artistic experiment, that leaves me here at 11:21 on a friday night (yes, i am that dorky. and needed a creative night). we realized:

  • with this ONE day of recycling.
  • we saw what it really added up to.
  • for sh*ts and giggles.
  • here it is. all made into art.
  • all 26 feet of it.
  • interesting, huh?
  • this april, we are making a conscious effort to change.
  • to recycle everything we can.
  • to avoid giving you a bag for your bag.
  • to take bags to the grocery store more.
  • to use our own mug over paper. and skip the sleeve on our coffees.
  • to reuse. to repurpose.
  • to just think about it all a little more. and try a little harder.

earth day is this april 22nd.

make a small change. and it will add up in the end. we just make & sell bags and have fun at the store. but we wanna try because we were stunned to see what we wasted and used every day. hippie moments aside, come say hi to us over on hayes street. we have hemp bags 30% off. we have dog treats. we smile alot and sometimes have 2pm dance parties. come hang out. make a button for free.


  1. Lizzy says:

    This is so rad. Trashy :)

  2. Taska says:

    I love the light fixture!
    Great idea to take what you have “thrown out” in a finite time and measure up how much space and stuff it really is. Then make something cool to boot!

  3. Christa says:

    The chandelier is cute (and I just saw it in person yesterday, it looks better than the pics) but if you redo it try to sort the papers so it’s just the white ones – you’re losing a lot of light output by wrapping it in all that dark paper! White paper will reflect more of the light out and into the store. I learned all this fun stuff from a lighting class I took at PG&E.

  4. racheal says:



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