Recycled Bag Love Note

We recently received this note from a generous participant of our Bag Recycling Program. Feel the love.
Recycled Bag Love Note


  1. ducky says:

    Unrelated, but when will the next update of fabrics come out for the Swig bags/Build-your-own bag? I ask because I browsed two days ago and decided on the Limit Estate Purple, but went back today and it’s GONE. :( How long will I need to wait for another awesome pattern to appear?

  2. ducky says:

    Hi … I can’t read the second comment on here and I was wondering if it was someone answering my question — if so, can you e-mail the reply to me?

  3. beth h says:

    So I have a Timbuk2 bag that I’m thinking of recycling. The bag has survived eight Portland winters (and a whole lot of rain). The black waterproof truck-tarp lining is SO beat up in places that I actually turned the bag inside out to patch the spots with coated nylon taffeta (trailer weight fabric from Burley). I also repaired the cinch strap with a shopping cart castoff (you can see the silhouette of the kid leaning out of the shopping cart on the strap). Finally I patched one of the worn-out outside seams of the bag with some brightly colored ribbon.

    The bag has been decsribed as a beautiful mess, but it’s entirely functional and really funky and cool.
    Is this bag too far gone to recycle for someone? I’d be happy to send it , but not if it just winds up in the circular file.

    • Lizzy says:

      Beth. Your bag has worked hard for you! Thanks for sharing its story. I think we should see a photo of the bag before you send it to us. It would be terrible if you sent us the bag and then we couldn’t pass it on to a new user. Can you send a photo to Thanks for your interest in the Recycling Program.

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