Recycle Your Bag

Just in case you are not aware we have a sic recycle your bag program.
You recycle your bag, you get 20% off and we give the bag to At the Crossroads, who puts it in the hands of those in need. If he can do it… so can you!

Trading the old small messenger to an updgraded medium Racing Stripe bag.


  1. Tom says:

    In theory you would think as one gets older one would accumulate less crap to carry around, but it’s just the opposite for me. I opted to trade-in my old “SMALL” Timbuk2 by using the Crossroads recycle program, getting 20% off a medium newbie, and knowing the old bag will be going to a good cause. The new Buk2 Racing Stripe Messenger is from their Special Collection line. There are a few colors to choose from, but I was sold on the very bright reddish-orange color, which I was told; wasn’t going to be made anymore. Perhaps I could understand why? If you were to stare at the bag too long there’s a slight chance you could burn out your retinas, it’s that bright. The white racing stripe gives the look of the 60’s, so I named my bag Sinatra…Nancy that is! Are you ready bag?

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