200 Recycled Bags

We recently hit a very cool milestone. 200 bags donated to our bag recycling program! Timbuk2′s recycled bags are donated to the San Francisco based non-profit, At The Crossroads (ATC). The economy has been tough on organizations like ATC but founder, Rob Gitin, and his team have dug in and ensure their service level to San Francisco’s youth does not decline. We visited ATC at their office in the Mission a few weeks ago and learned just how exceptional their service level is.

The ATC team forms meaningful relationships with their clients that often last as many as ten years. And when clients come into their office for supplies, they select items from a merchandised assortment of high quality food, clothing, hygienic supplies, and Timbuk2 bags. The goal is create a shopping experience in which clients select items with pride and dignity rather than feeling like they’re taking hand-outs. That means the bags we donate to ATC must be in good shape. If they’re not, ATC can’t use them. So if you’re recycling your bag, think about if it would look sharp in ATC’s store. If not, maybe you can find another home for it. A big cheers to ATC; impressive impressive organization.

A funky little bag we received for our recycling program along with a note from its owner.

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