Not Your Average Shipping Bag

Recently Timbuk2 fan Jennifer sent us a note explaining how she transformed a Timbuk2 shipping bag into a lightweight waterproof tote.

She explained, “I just wanted to let you know that when I received my recent order of the Getaway and the Sam’s and was very excited to pull out my bags. However I was intrigued by the shipping package. As soon as I saw the words, ‘This is not a bag,’ on the package I said to myself, ‘Self, you can transform this into a recycled bag!’ So this afternoon it is about 15 degrees here in the Northeast so I took advantage of the indoor time to create my bag. I used about 99% of the bag and only added some duck tape to hold it together. So far it has successfully held two dozen JUMBO eggs, two bags of coffee and groceries! ”

See photos of her creation here.

The Timbuk2 shipping bag before its transformation. Photo courtesy of Jennifer.

The shipping bag tote. Perfect for eggs and leaves. Photo courtesy of Jennifer

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