Urban Assault Ride Messengers

We’ve partnered with Urban Assault Ride on their 13 cycling events in US cities this year. At the events, teams of two ride funky obstacle courses for their chance to win glamorous prizes. We made 150 of these Urban Assault Ride messengers for use in the races and as prizes. If you can’t make the race, then enter Urban Assault Ride’s contest for your chance to win a custom Timbuk2 bag.

UAR Embroidery
Urban Assault Ride messenger in production at Timbuk2′s San Francisco factory.

UAR Messenger 2
Urban Assault Ride messenger panels being sewn our San Francisco factory.


  1. Gunnar Shogren says:

    Gotta get one!
    And I can always use another Timbuk2 bag…

  2. Michael Tighe says:

    I love you stuff!

  3. Justin says:

    What a great color scheme! Are these regularly available color options? Red Devil-Citron-Red Devil?

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