Recycled Bags for (RED)

During the month of April, Timbuk2 fans contributed more than 100 bags to our bag recycling program on behalf of (RED). Thanks to (RED), all the bags will be given to Community Health Workers in Zambia who will use the bags to transport medical supplies and other essentials used in their daily work. Our man Adam sculpted a beautiful bag mountain to celebrate the Timbuk2 community’s generous contribution to (RED) and our bag recycling program. Cheers to everyone who contributed!

Bags for Africa
In collaboration with (RED), Timbuk2 has arranged for all of these bags to be given Community Health Workers in Zambia.


  1. lisa zahra says:

    I am going back to Zambia to build a school for DEAF Zambian Children. I will be living in the town of MOnze. I would love to be able to help out with these bags as well as have one for myself. How can I be of help to you? Maybe we can help each other? I leave on June 29th, from Rochester NY. 14609

    Also check out

    Thank you so much,
    lisa zahra/founder/exec.director

  2. Paul Banyagi-Mugenyi says:

    Hi just a quickie. Sorry this is late but are you still taking bags for Africa? I have two that can be recycled (I still have three!). If so could I have your address to send them to you.


  3. stacy lipman says:

    I wish that I had head about this when you were collecting bags in April – I also have a couple of bags that I would like to donate. Please let me know if this is still possible and if so where to send them.


  4. Michelle Schreier says:

    Hi! Are you still taking additional bags for recycling? I would love to send two that I have. Thanks.

  5. Britt says:

    Hey, same request as above. I did not know about the donations and have one that can be recycled. If it’s not too late I would love to send it to you guys, such a worthy cause!!!

    Thank You!!!!

  6. Jacob Harvey says:

    Are there any plans to do this again? I’m closing on my first condo so I don’t really have any money for a new bag. But my old one has served me well so I wouldn’t mind “exchanging it” in the future for charity.

  7. Lizzy says:

    Thanks for your interest everyone. Our bag recycling program continues. See details here: We are no longer donating the bags to (RED) but rather are donating them to our original partner, At The Crossroads, in San Francisco. At The Crossroads is an amazing organization that makes a direct impact in the lives of San Francisco’s urban youth. But if you’d rather your bag be donated to (RED), just include a note with your bag and we’ll make sure it’s put in the (RED) contribution pile.

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