Hey! I’m the Intern!

When I stepped into Timbuk2 headquarters to begin my internship, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise: No suits, no ties, no cubicles, no bright florescent lights, and no sad faces! The Timbuk2 office is a laid back, diverse environment, much like the city of San Francisco.

Everyone was dressed casually. There were dogs running around the office. Sunshine beamed down through the glass ceiling. Unlike the boring colorless scene of an everyday office, Timbuk2 had a vibrant enthusiastic feel. I wondered why every company couldn’t have a work environment like this.

I probably learned more about business on my first day here than I did in all my econ classes. I sat in on a meeting and was astounded to learn that Timbuk2 was already planning its bags for the spring of 2012! It’s fascinating to see how this company changes with the fashions and technology.

As I big Timbuk2 fan, I am absolutely stoked to be interning here! I am interested in both art and business, so Timbuk2 seems to be the perfect place for me! Count on me to give an artist’s perspective of the inner workings of Timbuk2!



  1. John Harrold says:

    Hey Mark,

    In your meetings, you don’t happen to hear anything about camera bags like the one Lizzy mentions here:


    Use your pull for me and get these bags on sale :)

  2. Jay Shatsky says:

    Dogs in the office ??!! Thats the coolest thing ever !!!

  3. Edwin J says:

    Man you’re so lucky,sounds like a great internship opp. almost makes me want to switch my college major haha.

  4. Kay Adams says:

    I want to order a bag for my son who rides his bike everywhere. Do you have a messanger bag that his lights or blinkers on the back?

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