“Roadways Are the New Runways”

Remember this? The NYT’s latest take on cycle chic is still a reach for normal humans but it’s something to aspire too. The article features real women on bikes, even if they’re all conveniently fabulous. Apparently “roadways are the new runways” and cyclists are simply “pedestrian on wheels.”

I’m way too practical for the bicycle catwalk. I don’t ride with bracelets because they bruise my wrists; TARP isn’t making our roads any smoother. I wear a helmet and it doesn’t look like this. And I wear jeans and flats instead of “fluttery skirts, capes and kitten heels.”

I may be a lost cause but you should save yourselves. Find inspiration on bicyclecatwalk.com, a glam version of our humble showstoppers, and be a “pedestrian on wheels” on your climb home tonight.

Bike Chic
Cycle chic in New York City. Photo by Elizabeth Lippman for The New York Times.


  1. richard rodriguez says:

    where is the nestest store in new york city ludlow st.

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