Deth P. Sun’s Hand-Painted Messenger

Who wants a hand-painted messenger?! Local artist Deth P. Sun created this one-of-a-kind messenger for us. His painting wraps around the entire bag so there’s a cool surprise under the messenger flap and on the bottom of the bag (which the world sees when it’s synched tight on your back). Pretty rad. We’re auctioning it off on Sunday (Oct 10) at our San Francisco retail store. Our auction is part of the Hayes Valley Passport event. The bidding will start at $200 and there’s only one so you can expect some drama. I like the idea of art on your back. . . Thank you to Deth P. Sun and good luck to all the bidders.

Deth P Sun Timbuk2 Messenger
The one-of-a-kind Deth P. Sun Messenger bag for Timbuk2.

Deth P Sun Timbuk2 Messenger (inside)
Under the flap of the Deth P. Sun Messenger for Timbuk2.

Deth P Sun Timbuk2 Messenger (Bottom)
Bottom of the Deth P. Sun Messenger. Warning, you may refuse to put this messenger on the ground.


  1. Christopher says:

    Is it weird that I’d love to see video of the auction? Just to experience the awe of it going up so high so fast…

  2. Bunny says:

    Its on ebay for 450.

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