Factory Tour with SFMade.org

Yesterday we hosted a factory tour lead by SFMade. About 20 folks joined us in our Folsom Street factory to learn about Timbuk2 and how we make manufacturing work in San Francisco. Thank you to SFMade for including us. Learn more about how you can support local manufacturing at sfmade.org.

Factory tour in action
Tour in action at T2HQ.

Mike and the tour group
Our CEO Mike chats with the tour group.

Mike with the Sesame Street Bag
Mike sharing our much-loved, made in San Francisco Sesame Street messenger.

Rich in the factory
Our factory manager Rich talks to the group about how messengers, packs and totes are made.

The tour in the factory
Rich and the tour group in our San Francisco factory.


  1. Joanne says:

    So great to visit you guys! Thanks for having us. Timbuk2 story is inspiring and love that you guys still make stuff locally. Go SF.

  2. Tenderblog says:

    Do you guys still sell the Sesame Street bag? It would make a great Christmas gift for someone I know…

    • Lizzy says:

      We actually made it for the Sesame Street team so we don’t have any can sell to regular folks like you and me. Sorry!

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