Recycled Thoughts: Month of Thanks

We are starting the month of November off right! We are very thankful to have fans who love the brand as much as WE DO! As part of our bag recycling program, we encourage our customers to tell us the memories that are tied to their bag. So every week in this month of thanks, we will feature a heartfelt letter from a grateful customer who is giving their bag to a great cause.

We are still collecting and recycling tons of bags and giving them to the San Francisco-based non-profit, At the Crossroads. Tell us about what you love, miss, and will always remember about your old bag. Someone new will appreciate your bag (it’s aged but still lively) and don’t forget you get 20% off your next great purchase.

coleen moran letter

Thank you so much Colleen! We are extremely excited that we produced a bag that is strong enough to outlive countless occasions!


  1. Steph says:

    Hey there! We’re running a month of thanks blog hop…would love for you to come link up!

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