Custom Parties in the Timbuk2 Retail Store

OK fine. You can throw a party in our retail store. COOP, Jared and the retail crew will supply food and frosty beverages and make you feel like a customization messiah. See details below and email for more information.

Holiday Party Info

COOP and the custom wall
COOP perfecting the Timbuk2 custom wall.

Jared making something pretty
Jared making something beautiful.

Playing with the touch screen
Diana says, “Customizing bags on our touchscreen is refreshing.”


  1. Chris says:

    This party sounds awesome! I’m curious, why do all messenger bag companies have such a profound love of beer? I mean it’s either being given away, or being used to show how much beer fits into a given bag (holds 42 cans of PBR!). Oh well, I love your bags and think you guys have the market pegged with such great customization options. I recently wrote a blog post about internet marketing strategy for messenger bag companies and found myself referencing you guys a lot. Keep up the good work!

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