2010 Cookie Extravaganza

There are cookies and then there are cookies . . . Every year Timbuk2′s service hero Tim bakes more than a thousand cookies and gives all of them away. He slacked this year and only made 13 different types. So for the last several hours we’ve been feasting on his irresistible oatmeal raisin, pizelles, almond crescents, anise drops, chocolate chip, dream bark, date bars, sugar, clove snaps, cherry thumb prints, peanut butter, chocolate chip and butter spritz cookies. I can’t really feel my mouth anymore; even the dogs are dazed.

Thank you Tim and watch your back Mrs. Fields.*

Cookie march
The triumphant cookie march to the kitchen.

13 different cookies made by Tim, the cookie King.

Tim and his masterpiece
Tim and his sugar-butter masterpiece.

*Who knew Mrs. Fields looked like this?!

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