What to do After You Procreate

The heir to the Flores fortune, Marcelo, was born last week. Marcelito will have to fill the shoes of the world’s most interesting man, so proper rearing is essential. The Timbuk2 team has been kind enough to share their closely guarded parenting tips. See below, then go home and Tiger Mom your kids.

Timbuk2′s Nuggets of Parenting Wisdom

  • “Babies poop their pants. Have fun with that!”
  • “Drink a lot.”
  • “Tax Break.”
  • “Don’t leave your baby in the car. It’s illegal.”
  • “Gender Coding is NOT FAIR; boys can play with dolls too!”
  • “Graciously volunteer for night shifts, all to the bank ‘points’ towards unspecified ‘Ricardo’ time.”
  • “Kids are like chips, you can’t just have one.”

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