Cone of Shame

After a glorious week of dog love on and an April Fools pup takeover, our man Toby has been given the cone of shame. In an act of mercy, Toby’s doctor prescribed him a clear cone, but it’s almost worse than the OG white cone because Toby can’t see the cone. After bashing into walls and unsuccessfully scratching his eye the cone is so fiercely protecting, he’s taken to moping on a pillow under Jenny’s desk. We showed Toby these other dogs in cones to lift his spirit, but he’s still sulking.

Cone Toby
Toby in the cone of shame.

In more positive news, we think we’ve found Toby’s long lost brother. Teddy Spaghetti, the second place finisher in last week’s Muttmover competition with 48 votes, bears a striking resemblance to Tobby. Teddy and Toby are old-man-chic and we love them with or without cones, in first or second place.
Teddy Spaghetti, possible relative of Toby.

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