Bliss in San Francisco

Jonathan was particularly stoked when he headed to work this morning and it wasn’t because of this hot photo shoot. He was ecstatically happy for the following reasons:

a) His ride to work is flat and includes Bay views and wafts of chocolate from Giradhelli.
b) He wore shorts because it’s legitimately warm, not because he’s sick of wearing jeans.
c) His Linus Roadster was out of commission so he had to ride his very fast, very beautiful Seven.
d) He ate a delicious breakfast.
e) His gnarly road rash is healing quite nicely (see below).
f) He proposed to his girlfriend last night and she said yes.


“Yes, I think I’ll ride to work today.”

Jonathan's Arm
“Thank you Marin County!”

Linus Roadster Sport
Jonathan’s made-in-Oakland Linus Roadster that wouldn’t cooperate this morning but is still loved by all.

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