11th Street Showstopper

I see Chris riding up Polk Street in San Francisco all the time. We ride identical routes to work every day less a few blocks at the beginning and end. So after following him for miles and miles, I introduced myself and assured him I was not a stalker. I probably creeped him out but I felt pretty good about it. I’d vindicated myself from stalker status and importantly, told him to ditch his Patagonia messenger.

Chris with his Hemlock backpack
Chris being very pleasant in the presence of a Timbuk2 stalker (i.e. me).

Patagonia is a great company – I’m obsessed with the black Nano Puff Hoody I’m wearing right now – but I take it personally when people don’t wear Timbuk2. Without competition we’d all live long boring lives as uninspired drones, but I still yearn to see a sea of Timbuk2 everywhere I ride. Needless to say, I got Chris’ info and hooked him up with a new Timbuk2 Hemlock. You can imagine how happy I was to find myself following Chris and his new Hemlock up Polk again last week. Fistpump!

Chris, you rock. Thanks for letting me stalk (and dress) you. And apologies in advance to all the San Francisco cyclists I will stalk in the future. I come in peace.

Chris Hemlock 2
Chris riding down 11th Street in San Francisco with his Timbuk2 Hemlock Backpack.

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