NYC Subway Showstoppers

I’m Elia and you’ve seen me on the Timbuk2 blog before. I have a bit of a Timbuk2 obsession. I love street photography and don’t leave home without my camera. I also travel a *lot* – just last year, New York, Barcelona, Santiago de Chile, Abidjan – and seem to have a knack for spotting Timbuk2 wherever I go. I’ve always carried Timbuk2 bags but only recently started capturing them with my camera when I discover them in the wild. The Timbuk2 crew and I thought it would be fun to share my discoveries with you so I’m officially introducing myself as an occasional Timbuk2 guest blogger. So hello, y’all! You’ll be hearing from me when I spot Timbuk2 bags, have a camera-carrying thought or stumble across an urban scene you simply must see.

On a recent one-week trip to New York City, I had all my luggage (including my laptop and SLR camera, clothes and a couple of books) fit in my Swig backpack. Once there, I couldn’t help but noticing several Timbuk2 bags, but interestingly I spotted most of them in the subway. Could this be because in San Francisco biking is definitely faster than Muni, but in NYC subway is the fastest option?

See more Timbuk2 Showstoppers here and my latest shots below.


  1. John Gruber says:

    What material is the bag on the floor in the first picture?

  2. Drew Shannon says:

    If you were on the 1 red-line train, you may have seen me. I travel on the NYC Subway with my Snoop bag everyday (and, before that, my classic messenger)!

  3. Eric Partin says:

    Too bad we missed you. Last week, my wife and I rode the subway from JFK to our hotel in the city and then back when it was time to fly out. We have Timbuk 2 roller bags as well as messenger bags and a back pack. We could have been a Timbuk 2 add for riding the subway with your luggage.

  4. YMFY says:

    very cool!

  5. Miquel Hudin says:

    John, that’s actually my bag in the top and I got it maybe a year ago or so after my original Swig (that was equally as awesome) got stolen out of a locked office with my laptop :( The new swig is quite awesome, but as to the fabric, I don’t think that they carry it anymore. It might have been hemp, but it definitely wasn’t the waxed canvas that’s an option now. It looks quite cool, but it’s probably not all that waterproof, albeit I haven’t tested it out to see.

    Anyways, great bag to sling around my laptop with. Even worked for a weekend RyanAir trip up to London awhile back!

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