New York City Showstoppers

Not quite as thrilling as spotting a Yetti but strangely fun to discover, Timbuk2 bags appear in urban landscapes all over the world. Our good friend Elia recently started sharing her images of Timbuk2 caught in the wild on this blog. I think her NYC Showstoppers post inspired another longtime Timbuk2 fan who recently sent us these photos from Manhattan

Timbuk2 bags are meant to live and breathe, not sit on a shelf. Show us how yours lives by posting photos on our Facebook wall or email them to We’ll share your reality with the Timbuk2 community (and rhyme while we’re at it).

Get inspired; see other Timbuk2 Showstoppers here.

NYC Sidewalk Showstopper
A limited edition, single panel Timbuk2 messenger on the streets of Manhattan.

NYC Subway Showstopper
A Timbuk2 Showstopper spotted in the New York subway.

NYC Subway Showstopper2
Two straps spotted on a NYC subway car.


  1. Elia says:

    Cool photos!

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi! My name’s Elaine, saw you posted Elia. It’s ok. It’s been my pleasure sharing photos of Timbuk2 love in Gotham City. I have posted all these photos on twitter via TwitPic months before. Always been a Timbuk2 fan!

  3. Lizzy says:

    Thank you both for sharing your world with us!

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