Arm Warmers Part Deux

It’s an arm warmers kind of day in San Francisco. That means it’s nice enough not to wear a jacket and everyone is acting crazy because they’re drunk on sunshine. Anyone who knows San Francisco knows that summer doesn’t really exist here. Indian summer in September and October yes, but summer summer in July and August not so much. The fog monster is our full-time friend in the “real” summer months here. Which makes today a very special day. No doubt the monster will reappear for my ride home tonight, but I feel incredibly good about getting to wear my Riyoko arm warmers for the second time and during June! I cannot recommend these enough and they only get more points for (almost) sharing a name with my favorite sushi spot in San Francisco. Learn more about bike accessories I swear by here and check out

Arm Warmers
The Riyoko arm warmers make their second appearance on the streets of San Francisco.

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