Dolores Chiller Part Deux

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the nights are long and your local park is expecting you with your favorite frosted beverage. This is how the Dolores Chiller was born. It was 2009 and we were tired of carrying 12-packs on our backs. So we developed this convert cooler. Is it a messenger or a cold beer haven?! We took color cues from our beloved PBR – yes, like most San Franciscans we are beer snobs, but we make an exception for PBR – and launched it to rave reviews. We new immediately the Chiller would be back every year.

This year we decided to crank up the beach factor by taking cues from the lime-wedge’s best friend, Corona. We also gave it three key upgrades: strap pad with an embroidered lime wedge lest you forget your citrus, a grab strap for easy lifting and a cross-strap for stabilizing outrageously heavy rides to the park.

Lime Strap Pad
The lime wedge you cannot live without.

Grab Strap
A grab strap for an easier heave-ho.

Beer Candy on the Chiller
High tech gadgetry included.

We didn’t make very many so get yours while you can.

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