FanMail: Sharky Margaret River

Our friend Noel recently visited Margaret River, Australia with his girlfriend and their stunning custom Timbuk2 messengers. He was kind enough to share these photos of his adventure. We’ve never been to Margaret River but we’ve heard it’s a very sharky place. So on the eve of Shark Week, we figured now was the time to share his photos.

From Noel: I gave my girlfriend a Timbuk2 bag for her birthday when she visited me in Perth, and we both took our Timbuk2 bags down on a trip to Margaret River for the week end. Had a blast of a time and she really loved her new custom messenger bag! Timbuk2 in Australia reporting in!

Roger that and mind your toes!

In Oz
On the rocks in Margaret River.

Australia Showstopper
Happiness in Oz. Noel and his girlfriend rock their custom messengers in Margaret River.


  1. Eric Partin says:

    We have always wanted to go to Margaret River. Last year on our trip to Bali we spent a lot of time with a couple from Margaret River and we said next time we go to Bali, we are going to make a trip down there. So hopefully in 2012, we will be sporting out Timbuk 2 bags down there.

  2. Benji Leggate says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend and I like the picture of you on Busselton Pier, I think this is the longest in the southern hemisphere. Happy holidays for you and your bags!

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