Sharks on a Train

OK. There was only one shark and it was on a cable car and we had Jeremiah instead of Samuel L. Jackson, but it was just as scary.

It was a foggy, rather frigid San Francisco morning and the Timbuk2 film crew hit the streets to make a cover-my-eyes-for-me-I’m-so-scared shark movie to launch our limited edition, highly anticipated Shark Messenger. Here is a behind the scenes look at the fateful cable car scene in San Francisco’s Russian Hill.

We set the scene at Hyde & Green.
The Scene

Victim #2 Jeremiah arrived.
Jeremiah Arrives

Followed by our beloved but terrifying and very powerful shark, Jonny.
Shark Jonny Arrives

Props were distributed.
photo (2)

Some with shark bites, some without.
Cutting the Shark Bite

And emergency shark fin surgery was performed.
The Shark Fin Operation

It was terrifying. We didn’t even want to remember it.
Media Attention

After flirting with the cable car brakeman to earn a free ride for our sharky crew, we boarded the cable car headed up Hyde toward fisherman’s wharf. Every film crew needs a guy in all black.
Jordan on the Cable Car

You can imagine how this made the Euro tourists feel.
Riding Back

After conquering the cable car, we took care to capture the speed of the attack in one
Slow Motion Attack 1

Slow Motion Attack 3

Three powerful frames.
Shark Attack 5

We went to great lengths to capture the sharky devastation.
Bad Sunflowers

All so we could bring you the Shark Messenger.

Our limited edition Shark Messenger is made in San Francisco and is only available while supplies last. Get it before it gets you.


  1. William Beem says:

    I’ve been wanting a new Medium messenger, so it wasn’t hard to pull the trigger and order this one yesterday. If only it had a grab handle, though.

    Looking forward to seeing its sharks goodness arrive here in a few days.

  2. Terry says:

    Just got the email with the video. Hilarious. Very well done!

  3. Leo says:

    The terrifying TPU explained!
    You guys crack me up, constantly.

  4. Bliss Dake says:

    Curious – what kind of camera did you use to film the Sharks on a Train?

  5. jordan says:

    @BlissDrake – We used a Sony Nex-3

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