How Do You Bike Commute?

Last week we did some hardcore research on Facebook. We asked folks if they do/not ride with headphones (70% do not) and then we wondered how many folks were actually riding. This is what we learned:

How do you commute to work?

28% of the 241 Timbuk2 Facebook fans polled ride their bikes to work. Initially I was bummed it wasn’t 82%, but when compared with the national average of ~ 1.6% or San Francisco’s average of 6%, 27% looks pretty damn good! And while we’re appreciative of all the pedalers out there and understand if you simply cannot bike commute, most of you could. According to our CEO Mike’s Taming the Bike Commute Beast presentation, 29% of Americans commute 1 – 5 miles a day. That’s a breezy ~ 30 minute bike ride depending on the hills you do/not have to climb and the weight you do/not have to carry. 51% of Americans commute less than 10 miles to work. Even more chances for using your legs and two wheels to get from a to b! [Audible exhale]. We’re very proud of our fans and we love bikes. Steppingoffsoapboxnow.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our polls last week. Muy interesante and helpful for our product team.


  1. hilary says:

    I am mostly curious to know more about the 21% that helicopter to work?!? That’s 50 people out of your sample? What do they do?

    • Lizzy says:

      Holy typo! 7 people, not 61 noted that they commute by helicopter. Had to do *something* to keep it fun. Updated!

  2. Jordan says:

    Next up, helicopter commute bags!

  3. Julie says:

    Wow, I would kill to bike commute… but I live almost 30 miles from work and here in Vermont, it really is up hill both ways!!

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