Sweat Management Tactics

It started last year when we asked folks why they ride and posted their responses to this word cloud (also appeared here). We got curious again this month and asked folks about their on-bike headphone use and different methods of commuting. All this talk of commuting sparked a question from Timbuk2 fan @mendesp who asked:

Tweet re bike commuting sweat factor

So we asked our Facebook and Twitter fans and created another word cloud to display the most commonly used anti-sweating tactics. Turns out that baby wipes are a secret weapon!

How to transition from your ride to work
Sweat management tactics from the Timbuk2 community.

We’ll keep asking questions to help crack the bike commute nut, but if you’re looking for more tips on how to deal with yourself after a sweaty ride into the office, two Timbuk2 fans recommended this blog and this blog. Cheers to @mendesp for asking the sweaty question out loud. If you don’t ask, you won’t know!

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