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We’re very proud to launch our Snoop Camera Insert. The insert enables you to convert a Timbuk2 messenger bag into a camera bag.
Snoop Camera Insert

So how did we get here? Because of you.

When we launched our Snoop Camera Messenger in October 2010, you were ecstatic! Four years of requests for a camera bag finally ended in a real Timbuk2 camera bag. We were flooded with tweets like this:
Snoop Camera Messenger Love

But ecstasy was quickly followed by another request. Could we sell the Snoop Camera Messenger’s insert separately? We received hundreds of Facebook messages and tweets like this:
Insert Tweet 1
Insert Tweet 2

True Timbuk2 fans, you were friendly but clear. Existing Timbuk2 messengers deserved the right to be Snoop-like camera messengers. And despite the launch of our second camera bag in February 2011, the Snoop Camera Backpack, your desire for the insert never waned. R-e-s-p-e-c-t.

We may never have entered the camera space without you; the Snoop Camera Messenger is a hit and we hope it stays that way. But we’re stoked on the Snoop Insert because it enables you to get more out of your existing messenger and/or build a custom camera bag. Fair warning: The insert + a Timbuk2 messengers is not as delicious as the Snoop Camera Messenger (Velcro flap to secure insert, tripod straps) or Snoop Camera Backpack (built-in camera pack for heavy heavy gear), but if our Snoops are not for you, the insert is a great fix.

Thanks for always telling us what you really think. We do camera because of you.

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  1. William Beem says:

    I think this is a great idea.  However, I gotta tell you I would still buy a Snoop Messenger is it only had a grab handle.  

  2. William Beem says:

    Phooey, I meant “if”, not “is”.

  3. Patti (Roll) Lord says:

    4 years indeed! So lovely to see the email announcement in my inbox. Only a little sad that the term “Hack Kit” wasn’t used but I’m a g33k.

  4. Hippo Flambe says:

    I agree with William, the deal breaker for me on the snoop messenger was the grab handle.  I have a messenger already and the grab handle is essential.

  5. David says:

    Will the xs snoop insert fit into xs classic messenger?

    • Lizzy says:

      Yes! The XS Snoop insert is designed to fit perfectly in the XS classic messenger. Same goes for the small and medium inserts and messengers.

  6. mosprott says:

    Will the XS fit into a Swig?

  7. mosprott says:

    let me clarify: XS INSERT.

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