Ride Like You Want To: Footwear

I’ve never felt comfortable riding with clip pedals in the city. I know I’d gain efficiency in my pedal stroke if I locked my feet in, but I don’t want to and I’m not going to (hands-on-hips). I swapped my clip pedals with a Timbuk2 friend long ago and I’m very happy with his flat metal pedals. Why? Because I never get stuck and I can wear whatever shoes I want to. Today featured flat, studded sandals*; totally practical cycling shoes.


Footwear Tip: If you use flat pedals, you don’t need to bring a change of shoes. You can wear the shoes you want to wear all damn day (imagine that!). In fact, biking facilitates the wearing of torterous heels because on a bike you float effortlessly above the ground instead of teetering on top of it. At this very moment, I can see two pairs of heels that cycled into Timbuk2 this morning. But in full disclosure, I’m not a heels expert (gasp). So we shall dip into my colleague’s well of biking-in-heels knowledge next week.

, don’t let footwear be an obstacle. Let biking set you free!

*Cycling shoes by Matt Bernson. Bernson loves cycling, bike share programs (we do too) and thinks cycling in heels is sexy. Agreed.

Matt Bernson on Sexy Biking in Milan

Matt Bernson approves of biking in heels


  1. jwbm says:

    I bike in heels all of the time. I always get coworkers asking me, “wow, how do you do that!?”
    “Oh, you, know, how I bike in any other shoe.”
    Although I do now avoid biking in sandals. I caught my bare foot against the pedal somehow once and jacked up a toe.

  2. jennifer says:

    dual platform pedals are for those that want the best of both worlds.

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