T2 In The UK

Fresh back from the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take an opportunity to shout out to some great folks in the UK. We had our Timbuk2 European Sales Meeting for 2012 in the UK for the first time as we have a new distributor there. It was great to see friends old and new in Europe including new distributors in Italy and France. It should start getting a lot easier for any of you in the UK or Europe to buy T2.
The meeting went great, lots of intense product and brand discussions. But the highlight for me personally was the last day, when everyone else was leaving. I got an invite and a loaner bike to go on a 56 mile ride through the English countryside. If you have never ridden there, it is really good riding (we even got a bit of sunshine). This is the route, don’t all flood to it now!


I need to especially thank the good guys over at Windmill Wheels who loaned me the bike, a beautiful titanium Enigma bike.

T2 UK Ride
Mid-ride stop at Windmill Wheels.


  1. Stu says:

    A UK distributor? awesome. The last time I bought a bag from you guys I got stung with all sorts of fee’s and taxes. Look forward to this :-)

  2. James says:

    Fantastic – I ordered my custom messenger all the way from SF because I liked it that much, but it’s much more fun without fees/duties/p&p/waiting!

  3. Fredrik says:

    So what happened in the end? Half a year later do we have somewhere to order from in the UK / Europe? I’m in Spain personally.

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