The Stork Has Landed

After years of anticipation, our diaper bag launched today. We are so proud! And we’re grateful to you for kicking us in the buns over and over again until we produced the Stork Messenger.

Check out the Stork’s maiden voyage in our hood with our favorite local family.

Ride prep
Putting on her riding shoes.

Bag access 2
Digging for the riding snacks.

Harper Riding
Rob and harper 3
Rompin’ with Pops post ride.

Ice creammmm!


  1. Andrew Davis says:

    I like the xtracyle. gl/sadly my kids are too old for the diaper bag

  2. Kim says:

    Ordered mine today. I love it! Can’t wait to get it for the bun in the oven :)

  3. someJuan says:

    About time, but too late for me. My kids are now old enough that they can carry their own X-small messenger bags. What I looked for in diaper bags were external pockets to carry bottles and zippy cups in. Making it easy, and fast, to reach for them without having to flip open the bag. The Stork Messenger is missing this.

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