New to Timbuk2: Holly

Hey, I’m Holly and this is my VERY first Timbuk2 messenger:

Where did you come from?
Not born, but definitely raised in the Bay Area… The 650 to be exact. Prior to Timbuk2 I worked at an “healthy energy & performance” company which is just a long, PC way of saying I worked for an energy drink company. Turns out, I have an affinity for one of their competitor’s drinks so, as you can imagine it wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven. Needless to say after interviewing with a multitude of people I was lucky enough to be hired here @ Timbuk2. Do you know how fun it was to tell people when I was leaving my old company I was headed to Timbuk2? The looks were priceless.

What skills are you most proud of?
I think I’m most proud of my nunchucking skills. Enough said.

What bag did you walk in the door with on your first day here?
I came in with the 12lb bag they gave us @ my last company. It’s now been replaced by the beauty above.

If you were invited to a potluck tomorrow- what dish would you bring?
I’d bring gourmet spicy instant noodles.

What is your wildest dream job, real or imagined?
There are TONS of things I’d love to do @ some point in my life BUT if we’re discussing dream jobs, I think I’d like to be a zoo keeper of a zoo full of baby wild, extinct & make believe animals… Elephants (my favorite animal), orca whales, lions, tigers, bears, gargoyles, unicorns, sasquatchs, dinosaurs, a baby loch ness monster, etc…

What is your favorite song to sing aloud when you are alone in the elevator, the car, or a deep wooded forest?
This is a really hard question. I try not to sing aloud even when I’m alone because my voice & lack of tone is so offensive it’s embarrassing even to me. If I do anything musically related when I’m alone it would have to be perfecting my Rick Ross grunt. I’m professional at that. I should add it to the skills I’m most proud of.


  1. Kamala SIpin says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! This chick is amazing! I’m buying the bag on principle of this amazing owner…

    P.S. I want a sasquatch too. Let’s open a zoo…

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