A Brief History of the Stork Messenger

The Stork never would have happened without you and thus storks around the word are squawking with gratitude. But for those of you who were not present when the Timbuk2 bag diaper conversation started ~2003, we thought you’d like to see and understand how the conversation unfolded and therefore, how the Stork came to be.

A Brief History of the Stork Messenger

2003: You kicked off the “diaper” conversation by showing us how your hacked Timbuk2 diaper bags and asking for a better solution.
Diaper Bag
A Timbuk2 Cargo Tote magically transformed by a customer into a diaper tote.

2004 – 2007: We experimented with under-built messengers and perhaps too pretty totes.
Day 7: Diaper Bag continued
A diaper tote prototype in the Timbuk2 factory.

2008: We settled on using the messenger style and proceeded to over-build it.
Stork Stroller Straps we dropped
Stroller straps that proved to be useless in testing. Who has two free hands to fasten buckles when the shoulder strap will do?

2009: We experimented with bulky inserts.
Stork bulky insert
The modified Snoop Camera Insert proved too padded, too crowded, too heavy, too everything.

2010: We briefly considered developing a baby carrier.
Harper and Patti
While testing a Stork Messenger prototype, thoughts of baby carriers wafted through our minds. But after reading the rules and regulations associated with diaper carriers, we told our kids to walk.

2011: The Stork lands (or takes flight?). We modified our Classic Messenger with just enough but not too many diaper-specific features to support you through the diaper-dependent years, but importantly free you to apply your organization system and transition out of diaper mode when you’re ready.
Bag open 3
Not a unitasker. The Stork’s slash pocket holds the removable changing mat or your laptop in place and has a built-in clear zippy pocket for quarantining stinky things or memory cards.

We designed the Stork to give you what you need but let you do your thing now and ten years from now; the Stork should never leave the nest. We hope you find the Stork useful and we’d love to know what you think. Send your feedback to social@timbuk2.com and get yourself a Stork here.


  1. Jeanie says:

    When will the Stork Messenger be able to be customized? Would like to choose some colors other than black.

  2. Tarisa says:

    More importantly…when will the stork be available again!!??

  3. Rusty says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of looking at Timbuk2 for a diaper bag! Please help me redeem myself and make it available again. I’ll even buy 2!

  4. Andrew Collins says:

    As a guy who looks after his son all day I love the Stork as I don’t have to carry a huge flowery or pastel bag. I look at friends with their diaper bags which would look at home as wallpaper and feel bad they didn’t discover the Stork. The great thing is once I don’t have to carry a diaper bag we’ll have another messenger bag to add to the collection.

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