Testing the Especial Cuatro

This year our design team worked really hard to develop a collection of serious cycling bags for serious cyclists. They created the Especial collection. It includes three packs – the Dos, Tres and Cuatro – and one pannier – the Viaje – and launches February 1, 2012 on timbuk2.com. But who wants to wait until February?! We thought you’d enjoy an earlier look at the Especial products that may change your commuting ways.

Cuatro with tires

We gave our new Especial Cuatro Backpack to CS Couriers in Columbus, OH and asked them to ride it around. Here’s what the CS Couriers like about the Cuatro:

  • Huge inside area of the bag that has no pockets, just empty space – Not having the inside cluttered with pockets makes it easy to load the bag with very large objects.
  • Rigid back panel – When we were carrying huge loads they didnt hurt our back or dig into our spine. Plus the rigid back and the padding system actually improve air flow to your back so it doesn’t get as sweaty.
  • Straps mounted on top of the bag – Allows for comfort on different sized shoulders. The bag sits high off the shoulders; it doesn’t slouch down off the shoulders or sag over the butt.
  • Cuatro on bike 3
    Cuatro on bike

    See more photos of the Especial Cuatro testing here. Our Especial collection launches on timbuk2.com on February 1, 2012.


    1. pedex says:

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to give these bags to companies that are actually busy to do testing rather than ones that are not?

    2. Tudestino.info says:

      Great post, thanks friend

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