Shoes, a Bag’s Best Friend

Like people and their dogs, Timbuk2 bags tend to resemble their owner’s footwear. In documenting the Timbuk2 team from the knees down, we discovered that you can learn a lot from someone by what they carry on their back and on their feet. Stay tuned for more footsie from the Timbuk2 team.

Sophisticated Siren. Jennys amps it up with heels (gasp!) and inspires us all to look more crispy, better blow dried and otherwise full of style. Timbuk2 Du Jour: Small Custom Messenger in Houndstooth.

Rules Need Not Apply. Task marches to her own beat and thank God! The world is a better place when you throw it all together. Timbuk2 Du Jour: Custom Cargo Tote in Denim and floral with a textured zebra strap pad.

Throwback Rainstorm. Lizzy opts for Bean Boots even on days when the sun shines. Confused? Nope. Just proud. Timbuk2 Du Jour: Denim Custom Swig

Jordan's black and grey
Biker Bro. Jordan opts for black and grey, grey and black, with hits of reflective for way-too-fast riding through the city. Timbuk2 Du Jour: Black Catapult Sling.

Make it Pop. Nicole likes it classic with a touch of loud. Timbuk2 Du Jour: Small Custom Messenger in our Iconoclast fabric with a red boot.

Kiara's kicks
Some Like it Hot. Kiara rocks color like nobody’s business. Timbuk2 Du Jour: Custom Cargo Tote in black vinyl and our Iconoclast fabric.

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