Haul it Home for the Holidays

Last-minute shopping recently left me in a quandry. How to get a Copilot Roller, Travel Wallet, and my bike across the city without access to a car? I considered begging coworkers who drive, entrusting a taxi driver to deliver it, paying Godspeed, our local courier of choice, to ride it home for me, and then I saw our Cuatro Backpack. The Cuatro is the biggest member of our Especial family (launches in February 2012) and is designed for serious on-bike hauling. The perfect pack for this occasion!

How to get these things home without a car?


Put the Travel Wallet inside the Copilot.
Travel Wallet goes inside the Copilot

And the Copilot inside the Cuatro.
Copilot Inside a Cuatro

The Cuatro on a back.
Ready to Ride with Copilot

The back on a bike.
Getting readu

And send the bike out for delivery.
Riding with a Copilot2


  1. terry says:

    super! now tell us how to get it all home if the bags were full of clothes and crap.

    and, nice bags! i want!


  2. alicia says:

    this lady’s shoes are hot! any idea what they are?

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