Recycling: Bags for YBike

YBike is a San Francisco-based non-profit that empowers local youth and adults to ride bikes via classroom and on-bike instruction on traffic safety and biking skills. We recently donated Timbuk2 recycled bags to YBike and stoked out some of their younger riders.

Since our recycling program started in 2009, we’ve recycled nearly 2,000 bags. We donate recycled bags to our primary partner, At the Crossroads (ATC), as well as other local non-profits. We’re particularly stoked to have recently supported YBike because bike safety is on our minds — December was dangerous for Timbuk2 riders — and more folks on bikes is always a good thing!

YBike kids
YBike kids stoked on bikes!

YBike kids
Stoked young YBike riders with a recycled Timbuk2 Candybar.

The Timbuk2 Recycling Program offers 20% off a Timbuk2 purchase in exchange for your fully-loved but still worthy of loving Timbuk2 bag. Learn more about the program here.


  1. Paul McGee says:

    My friend runs a charity that donates backpacks to poor and homeless children in the Santa Cruz area every year. She takes donated backpacks and fills them with school supplies and then distributes them the needy children.

    Would you have any bags to donate that elementary school age children could use? Any help would be a blessing. You can check out our website at


    Paul McGee

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