The Timbuk2 Roamin’ Reporter vol.1

The Timbuk2 Romin' Reporter
Speaking to Timbuk2sters, one bag at a time.

Dateline: Dolores Park, San Francisco, USA.
Roman Numerale reporting live with the Not-Be-Duped Group with the scoop.

Here’s the jovial Jen with her 10 year old Custom Timbuk2 Messenger Bag. Mission district tutor by day, intrepid traveler by night, Jen loves her versatile commuter-and-bike-friendly bag. She’s been known to bring it to far-off Italy and a mysterious land called Ok-la-homa. Well done, Jenn: this reporter thinks you’re Timbuktastic. Happy trails, ma’am.

Dolores Park bag spotted
Jen jests, “Just jazzed at this jolly Jaunary jaunt.” Kudos, you.


  1. Sofia says:

    I love those days with timbuk2 bags around in those olden days of college

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