Facebook Friendly Fanatics

We love it when this happens. Yesterday our fans not only wooed and wowed us with clever stories of how they’d rock a custom Timbuk2 bag, but they also demonstrated generosity, patience, and kindness.

Amidst the big IPO news of February 1, we ran a Facebook competition that asked folks to share how they’d rock a Timbuk2 bag. The story with the most likes at 5 pm PST would win a new custom Swig backpack. 165 stories were shared.

Custom Swig Give-Away Feb 1, 2012

And at 5 pm PST, we identified the story with the most likes; @Meghan Jenk was the winner!

Contest entry

But then our community alerted us to a potential injustice (gasp!). We may have overlooked two stories that had more likes than @Megan’s story. We dug in and discovered that @Matt DeBlass‘ story had driven 31 likes before @Meghan’s.

Contest entry

And @Elise Gage‘s very clever poem had driven even more likes.
Contest entry

And then we got this email from Meghan:

Winner email

Such honesty! We’d clearly goofed.

In the end we gave Meghan, Matt and Elise free custom bags. Now all is right and we are feeling very lucky to have you, our competitive but fair, clever but practical, bag-schlepping, bike-riding fans.


  1. Lance says:

    And this is why you guys as a company are awesome!

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