The Timbuk2 Roamin’ Reporter vol.2 (puppy edition)

The Timbuk2 Romin' Reporter

Speaking to Timbuk2sters, one bag at a time.

Dateline: Powell Street, Nob Hill, San Francisco, USA.

Roman Numerale reporting again, live, with the Not-Be-Duped Group with the scoop.

This Roamin’ Reporter stumbled upon the Happy Mr. Humphries, “the Gentleman Puppy” while the pup was on an afternoon stroll with his best pal, Alexis. Opting against a cable car or a MUNI train, Mr. Humphries tells us that he prefers his cozy Timbuk2 Muttmover Backpack as his means of locomotion. This playful pooch prefers the perfect portage for walkies, which doesn’t require any walking at all; how savvy.

Well done, Mr. Humphries. You’re looking sharp in your Timbuk2.

Happy trails and waggy tails, Sir.

Now who’s a good boy?

Mr. Humphries hauled up the hill called Nob.

Mr. Humphries hauled up the hill called Nob.

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