Springtime Spiff Up

Two months ago on my first day of work at T2 world headquarters here in the mish, I have to admit that even with my jitters, I noticed the state of the planters outside the front door.

Planter #1, BEFORE.
Planter #1 – BEFORE

Planter #2, BEFORE.
Planter #2 – BEFORE

Standing there for a moment before entering my new home away from home, I itched a little, to stick my hands in the dirt. Then one day last week, I casually mentioned to our fantastic CFO while getting a little lunchtime sun out front… that I’d love to slap a re-do on those planters! And poof! Permission granted. A trip to THE BEST nursery in San Francisco, Flora Grubb, was in order.

Mini succulents!
Mini Succulents at Flora Grubb

Air plant bike at the nursery!
Air Plant Covered Bicycle at Flora Grubb

Cactus mix, succulents, gardening gloves, TLC, and a sunshiney Friday then produced this!

Planter #1, AFTER.
Planter #1 – AFTER

Planter #2, AFTER.
Planter #2 – AFTER

#1, close up.
Planter #1 – Up Close

#2, close up.
Planter #2 – Up close n green.



  1. Merry says:

    The planters look 100% better. Makes the place more inviting, there is nothing worse than seeing a perfectly good planter go to waste. I just wish more people would appreciate plants more, after all isn’t that what going Grren is all about?

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