Riding with Style

I recently guest-blogged for my style-homeland on the Internet, TomboyStyle. Author Lizzie Garrett Miller inspires her readers with history, profiles, and products that liberate and celebrate tomboys worldwide. As a lifelong tomboy who cares about style but loves riding a bike, I felt compelled to share my tips for riding with style with Lizzie’s TomboyStyle Audience. I hope you find my tips useful too!

From Lizzy via Tomboystyle:

Contrary to popular belief, bike commuting does not plunge you into a disheveled, sweaty, or even sporty existence. In four years of riding in San Francisco, a city that’s never cold enough to be cold and never warm enough to be warm, I’ve learned to ride like I want to. I’m always prepped for the cold, ready to one-hand-unzip in transitional weather, and bare bare arms on the hot days—in fabrics and silhouettes that do not scream cycling. Given thoughtful dress and preparation, no one should know you’ve bike-commuted. Use the grid below to functionally ride with style!


See Tomboystyle for product details.

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  1. Annie says:

    I would totally add the “skirt garter” to the hot summer section! http://www.etsy.com/listing/95111226/skirt-garterclip-for-biking-your-color

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