A Dedicated Ride for a Dear Friend

Our CEO Mike Wallenfels rides more than 30 mile from his home in Novato to our office in San Francisco. He inspires all of us to ride and today, by dedicating his ride to work to a dear friend, he has inspired us to be grateful for our health, family, and friends.

From Mike:

Today was a BIG commute day for me.

Timbuk2 CEO Mike Wallenfel's bike at Crissy Field

First, it was the first FULL day of Spring making it my official commute season kick off. No more excuses to NOT ride into work (right?). I was spectacular and I have the pictures to prove it!

Second, it was a day for some deep thinking and riding for 1.5 hours into work gives you time to do that. I usually work out powerpoint slide sequences, plan meeting topics, and wait for my next road sign interval. However, today was dedicated to taking in the view and thinking about my friend Al who has been battling brain cancer for more than a year up until he died quietly in his home this past Friday.

We rode bikes together, shared way too many drinks in local pubs, stayed up late playing beer pong with local “kids”, and danced like fools at school fundraiser events. He had a unique way of making fast friends and somehow turned these events into something just “that much more” than it should have been. He loved his family (survived by his wife and two grade school children), loved his work as a marine biologist, and loved mountain biking with his friends in the hills of Marin.

Al will be missed by more people than me and I know that many were much closer to him, but this mornings ride was my own way of dedicating time to thinking about what he meant to me, his many friends, and especially about his family who have now been impacted by the evils of cancer for the rest of their lives. Tomorrow I will join a large group of his friends and family who will ride all day in celebration of his life.

Get out, ride, and LIVESTRONG everyone!

Timbuk2 CEO Mike Wallenfel's bike at the GG Bridge approach


  1. Pattie says:

    I lost a dear friend to cancer not long ago.  Eve was in her day an amazing athlete, a cyclist and a runner.  She was my mentor on the bike.  If it hadn’t been for Eve who rode beside me the first time I huffed, puffed and wheezed up Diamondhead encouraging me up the hill I would never have discovered this wonderful world of cycling.  
    Because of Eve, I was inspired to help create the Red Hot Ladies a cycling group for women 50 plus of all abilities.  I think of Eve everytime I get on my bike to ride.

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