Ride Like You Want To: Valet

Timbuk2 designer Kacie and I recently discovered a new way to park in the city. Valet. We attend a talk on #whatworks in American manufacturing hosted by Monocle and GE at the St. Regis in downtown San Francisco. The St. Regis is a posh hotel in a terrible bike parking neighborhood. So Kacie and I rolled up to the valet and stated, “We’d like to valet these please.” Jason the doorman was courteous — he called me maam — and promptly rolled our bikes into a myterious bike parking zone inside the hotel. He even gave us tickets to collect our bikes later and it was free! Turns out Jason rides a Marin single speed every day from the Mission to his post at the St. Regis. He’s a Timbuk2 fan and an excellent doorman.

So next time you’re at a posh destination in a sketchy hood, ask for valet. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.
St. Regis Bike Valet
Lizzy and Kacie with Jason the bellman at the St. Regis valet in San Francisco.

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