Red Hook Criterium with Kacey Manderfield

Kacey Manderfield won the first edition of the Red Hook Crit in 2008. She placed 9th overall this year, and was the first female to the finish line. This rad cyclist headed to the race with our Red Hook Crit Timbuk2 Race Duffel and came away with a special edition Especial Tres backpack. We’re proud to have her rocking our gear and wish her all the best. Go get em’ Kacey!

Kacey lifting up her prize at the Red Hook Crit.

What is your full name?
Kacey Manderfield

How long have you been competing or partaking in your sport?

Where do you call home?
Kutztown, PA

Favorite event or place to practice your sport?
I just love riding. The Red Hook Crit really is one of if not my favorite events! The atmosphere of the Red Hook Crit is pretty much unbeatable and the fashion in which I won the first year will be something I always remember. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I had to overcome a lot of mental and physical obstacles to stay with the lead group that year. It was scary and exciting at the same time! Keeping in mind that year there were no street closures, we raced on cobbles, with buses coming down the streets and cars pulling out of parking spots…I didn’t even know what a skid stop was! It was pretty clear I was by far the least experienced street rider there (I guess that is to be expected since I had never ridden a track bike on the street – only a velodrome) and somehow I gathered myself and was able to just follow lines and pray it would be ok.

Also I should add the Madison (a partner race) is my favorite track race. This might explain a little of my drive to do things that are a bit off beat!

What is your focus within your sport (what sub-discipline of your sport do you do most)?
I’m mainly a Crit and Track rider. Short and fast is my thing. Not a pure sprinter but certainly not a climber ;)

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while doing your sport?
I don’t really know.
So instead I will say one of my favorite things about my sport: I love the community that is around cycling and the people from all different walks of life that it brings together is just amazing. I love that a 9yr old a 30yr old and a 67yr old can all ride together and it can truly be fun for everyone. I love all the people I have meet along the way. I love all the places I have been to – and the way I have gotten to see those places from a bike!

Do you have a local claim to fame (fittest, fastest, funniest, smelliest, etc.)?
I’m loud – I like to say my voice carries well but really I’m just fricken loud.

Do you promote an annual event or are you involved in a charitable cause?
This past winter my boyfriend, Gabe Lloyd, and I hosted 3 events called the “2nd Saturday Roller Races”. They are super fun. We got an old set of huge wooden roller with a clock face that shows the riders racing each other and we we had everyone over for some stationary racing, beer and just hang out time. We hosed the event in the basement of the house we live in. It used to be a Creamery and there are still huge walk in coolers in the basement and a lot of open space. We don’t have a ton of money for it but we do cool prizes like Chocolate milk in glass jugs for the winners (it’s the Creamery after all) and I make sashes and wreaths for the winners like you would see in europe! Oh and I usually find some sort of silly thing that I also make the winner wear – like funny looking plastic glasses from the dollar store. Additionally we have a lot of great local support as far as door prizes and premes for the riders.
Notable recent results?
Top 10 at Red Hook Crit Brooklyn 2012. 1st and only Female finisher!

Anything else you would like to add about yourself or your sport?
My motto: Find your passion. Take chances.

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