Her Highness Jura, Queen of Caffeine

My father always told me, “nothing lasts forever” (except for our bags, of course). Our beloved coffee maker, The Miele, had seen its fair share of cups dripped. After several attempts at resuscitation it was deemed that it’s time had come and gone. Alas The Miele had to be put to rest (sent home to our friend Bui’s house to produce a few more cups of the magic elixir).

Our beloved and retired Coffee Maker
The last days of the Miele.

Alas, our office suffered for two weeks without the convenience of a one button coffee maker. Can you imagine having to make individual cups of joe? We hadn’t had that experience in years. We debated long and hard what new machine to get. Our grand vizier, Taska, was chosen as the leader of this search committee. As a honed headhunter, she scoured the internet for the best office coffee and espresso maker money could buy. And there it was, the Jura. We would be switching from German engineering to the finest the Swiss could make. A one stop shop for coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and espressos.

Our proud new Coffee Machine, the Jura
Welcome to your new home Queen Jura!

Once installed, it was clear that we would need to learn which button to press for a macchiato, a capp or even a boring old coffee. Taska studied this magnificent contraption and provided us with a tutorial. It was time for the coronation of the Queen and a quick coffee 101 lesson. Now back to work, hopped up on caffeine.

Taska and Coffee 101 with Jura
Coffee 101

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