How A Bag Caught A Foul Ball

Timbuk2 rockstar Denae went to an Oakland A’s game last week. Little did she know that her bag would help her catch a pop foul heading her way. Here is her story:

Foul Ball

It’s been 7yrs since I’ve been to an Oakland A’s game, but I guess that was lucky, cuz on Saturday night when I wasn’t paying as close attention as I should have , a pop foul from Suzuki came flying my way, I leaned forward with the crowd stretching out my gloveless hand and watched it bounce out of one hand of a fan, hit the arm of a nearby chair, and bounce into the open mouth of my Timbuk2 bag!! I was so in shock and excited I forgot to hold up my triumph until the fan next to me reminded me. Thank you Timbuk2 for those easily accessible openings, the A’s lost that night, but I felt like a winner!!

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