Diana, Our Smiling Sales Star

Diana, our friendly Timbuk2 sales associate in Hayes Valley always rocks a sweet smile. Here she shares her insights on city riding, her cat hair covered gear and the things she does when she’s not slingin’ bags.

Diana, smiling as always and showcasing the new custom fabrics:
Diana and the new Fabrics

The Hayes Valley stomping grounds:
Store Display of New Fabrics

What is it that you love the most about riding a bike in the city?
I love that I have no option but to work on my fitness if I want to be at work on time. Also passing people up and being really proud of myself, even though I’m kinda cheating because I have gears.

What Timbuk2 bag are you currently carrying?
Right now I’m carrying an all black small swig that I’ve been carrying almost exclusively for almost a year. I’ve accessorized it with a pin of a zombie lady eating someone’s brain and a permanent layer of cat hair.

When I’m not slinging bags and giving kick-ass customer service, I’m…
Outside of Hayes St. I’m workin’ on all of my E.G.O.T’ing skills. I am serenading roommates and neighbors alike with my renditions of every single Patsy Cline song, ever. As well as building up a very impressive collection of flower printed anything.

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