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We recently spotted this tweet:
Old School Timbuk2 via Twitter

Stoked to see this old-school Timbuk2 Messenger, we sent out an email to our entire crew to make sure they got to see it. We got in touch with Chase and were lucky enough to hear of his amazing journey with his now “vintage” bag.

In ’93 or ’94, I was reading Wired magazine and came across this ad:
Wired ad

I knew I had to have that bag to impress my nerdy friends. Being in middle school, I asked my mom to buy it for me. She was stingy and thought it was too much for a school bag, but I did actually need a new bag so she agreed to buy it as long as I promised to use it all the way through high school. It turns out to have been a good purchase, since I’m still using it on a daily basis. It made it not just through high school, but also through grad school and into the real world — and I have truly used it almost every day. I guess it had a few summers off, but even then I often use it for travelling. So yeah, it has endured bike commuting, lots of travel (including England, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, El Salvador, Hong Kong, and a honeymoon in France), and I believe I even took it to the hospital with me for the birth of all three of my kids! And it’s still holding up quite well. Thanks for making a great product!


  1. Customer says:

    Wow. Thats amazing. I bought a Timbuk2 camera messenger bag about 4 months ago and the stitching has already come apart at the back. Could it be that they used to be made better before?

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