Fan Mail: Camels

We love fan mail and the pictures that come along with it. Here is Jo and her Timbuk2 story.

I’m all excited–heading home to US soon for the summer after my first year in UAE, and I ordered myself a custom tote (to match my L laptop messenger). Figured I should order ahead to give plenty of time for stitching, and when I woke up this morning, BOOM! Already got a UPS notice that the bag shipped.
I ceremoniously gave my old green Metro bag to my 8yo daughter (who asked if she can have my messenger when I get old–and I said I’ll still need it), and promised my rust and sage bag to my 10yo son as soon as I get my grubby little hands on that new tote.
Thought you might like to see this old bag hanging with the camels. Not me, my little messenger.
Thanks for being awesome. Cheers

Jo, all smiles, Camels and her Timbuk2 messenger

Thanks for putting a smile on our face!

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